Guangzhou is short for "ear", so it is difficult to describe Guangzhou in a single word. This city has too many labels. It is called "flower city" because of its superior natural environment and blooming flowers all the year round. As an important business gateway in China, it known as "millennium business capital". People gather together from all directions, so this diversity city also known as "food in Guangzhou." To Guangzhou, you should not miss the following points:

Guangzhou Chimelong Safari Park
Guangzhou Chimelong Safari Park is a national 5A tourist resort located in panyu, Guangzhou. The park is characterized by large-scale wild animals and self-drive appreciation, features for its animal, plant protection, tourism appreciation and popular science education. It is a wildlife park with international standards and a large wildlife theme park with numerous animal populations all over the world. A variety of themes allow you to be overwhelmed, you can find the "rare animal paradise", "drive to visit animals", "animal ecology science base", "koala park" and so on.

Canton Tower
Canton tower also called Guangzhou new TV tower. Canton tower is a large landscape architecture with rich cultural connotation, integrating tourism, catering, cultural entertainment and environmental protection science popularization education. Canton tower stands at the intersection of the new central axis of Guangzhou city and the Pearl River landscape line, across the river from Haixinsha Asian Games Park and Pearl River new town, which is the new commanding height of Guangzhou. Canton tower is 450 meters high of its body and 150 meters high of its antenna mast, stands 600 meters in total. It has the reputation of "the top of the world, a tower attracts the city," "new Guangzhou, new landmark" and so on.

Shameen is an important commercial port in Guangzhou. After a hundred years, more than 10 countries have set up consulates, nine foreign Banks and more than 40 foreign Banks operate in Shameen, and Guangdong customs club and Guangzhou club have been established in Shameen successively. Shameen witnessed the changes of Guangzhou’s modern history, leaving the footprints of great men such as Sun yat-sen and zhou enlai. Shameen has become the epitome of China's modern history and concession history. It has been developed into a national 5A scenic spot, a famous tourist area, scenic spot and leisure resort in Guangzhou.

Baiyun Mountain
Baiyun Mountain is located in the northeast of Guangzhou city, ranked the first of the eight sights of Yangcheng in the new century, is a famous spring outing resort in Guangdong province. The whole mountain is composed of more than 30 mountains, which are the branches of Jiulian Mountain in Guangdong province. When the muchun season or the time after new raining, mountains can be seen in the clouds, mist filled with spectacular, Baiyun Mountain is named for this.

Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street
Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street is one of the famous commercial pedestrian streets in Guangzhou. With a total length of more than 800 meters, both sides are arcade buildings with lingnan characteristics. It’s a good choice for you if you want to buy present. You can’t miss Cantonese cakes in Lian Xiang Lou and Tao Tao Ju, and the preserved meat of King of Kings. In addition, Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street also gathered a lot of small eateries. Buying and eating is the correct tour way.

Guangzhou Snacks
Guangzhou snacks are enduring many decades of generation. Today, with the long history, Guangzhou snacks are still charming and attracts people around the world. The culture of a place can often be expressed through cuisine, which is a embodiment of the hard work of the working people and the best expression of a better life. Tasting a place's food is also the best way to know a place better. There are many classic Guangzhou foods worth trying.

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